I'm having problems logging into the website with my username and password
Try to copy and paste the username and password exactly as it was sent to you. Keep in mind that usernames are CaSe SensiTive. Also make sure there are no spaces before or after. You can also try rebooting your computer, try a different browser or if possible test it on another computer. The password recovery system is automated. If the new password doesn't work contact and we will work to get you back in.

I did not receive an e-mail confirmation of my purchase
In order to receive a confirmation receipt you must enter your e-mail address correctly. Please also check your spam box to see if the confirmation e-mail was sent there. If not e-mail with your confirmation number and the e-mail that you used. and we will send a copy of the receipt.

My credit card has been used fraudulently to join the Awefilms website. What should I do?
Please contact Epoch or CCBill with the credit card number and they'll be able to help you receive a refund.

My information has been fraudulently used in the past, now I can't join. Why?
Anytime fraudulent activity is reported on an account, the payment information is placed in a negative database, which prevents any further transactions from you. This information is shared worldwide by thousand of Internet merchants and cannot be removed.

How often will I be billed?
Your account will be billed as stated on the Awefilms website at the time of the purchase, and the information is also provided in the confirmation email that was sent to the email address that you provided during the sign-up process. If it is a recurring membership, you will be billed monthly. For example, if your account was activated on October 15th, your account will automatically be billed again on November 15th. If you cancel your account before that time, then your account will not be renewed and your account will expire on November 15th. For example, if you were activated on October 15th and we receive your cancellation on October 30th, then your account will expire on November 15th.

Why can I still access the website after I cancelled?
You will have access until your full membership expires at the end of the term. Once cancelled you will not be re-billed again.

What is Awefilms' refund policy?
Due to the nature of how streams and downloads are processed, we uphold a no refund policy based solely on the content of the clips. This means that we will not issue a refund if you are not happy with the content on this site as we do our best to clearly preview the content through photos. If photos do not feature explicit sexual acts or graphic depictions of genitalia, do not assume that content is X-Rated. When you sign up with you will also have the option to report technical problems with any clip directly to us and we will do our best to fix them within 24 to 48hrs. If we are unable to fix the problem, we will issue a refund. Refunds are also only issued if a card has been used fraudulently or if there is a report of billing errors.